Tax Credits and Special Refunds Forms

The following forms are provided as a service of the Office of Excise Tax - Tax Credits and Special Refunds Section.

Please Note: Use the forms from this page to maintain the latest, most accurate document version.  Forms that are not the most current version may be returned to your office or unit.

Title Posted
Advantage AR and Instructions 02/20/2014
Advantage Arkansas Example 09/22/2009
ArkPlus and Instructions 02/20/2014
Create Rebate and Instructions 10/27/2016
Motor Vehicle Rescinded Sale 09/22/2009
Tax Back and Instructions 02/20/2014
Tax Back Form 1200 – Developer Claim 05/04/2016
Tax Back Form 1300 – Tax Back Business Affidavit for Waiver of Refund 05/04/2016
Tax Back Form 1400 – Developer/Contractor Affidavit Reduction of Cost for Construction or Lease Payments 05/04/2016
TaxBack Example 09/22/2009
Motor Vehicle Refund Claim 09/22/2009
Refund Claim for Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Paid to Revenue Office 10/16/2018
Philanthropic Investment Kids Program - Tax Credit Application and Receipt of Eligible Contribution 12/28/2021