Electronic Filing and Payment Options

Option 1 - ACH Debit Payment(s) - Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP)
New users sign up at www.atap.arkansas.gov or click on the ATAP link on our web site www.dfa.arkansas.gov.

ATAP is a web-based service that allows taxpayers, or their designated representative, online access to their tax accounts and related information.  ATAP is available for most taxes administered by the Revenue Division.  ATAP provides Arkansas taxpayers with secure access to their tax accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will afford users the ability to perform the following functions:

  • File and amend returns *   
  • Make payments  
  • Change name and address   
  • View tax period financial information (tax, penalty, interest, credits, balance, etc.)  
  • View payments submitted 
  • View recent account activity  
  • View correspondence  
  • Store banking information for use during payment submission    
  • Register for additional tax types  
  • Maintain all tax account types via a single login   
  • Assign 3rd party logins (CPA, power of attorney, responsible party, etc.)  
  • File a return using XML return upload for selected taxes   
  • File an Annual Reconciliation for Withholding Tax  
  • Upload W-2 information 

* Individual Income Tax returns are not available to File or Amend on ATAP at this time

Option 2 - ACH Credit Payment(s)
The ACH credit payment method allows a taxpayer to transfer funds by instructing their financial institution to debit their account and to credit the state’s bank account using the CCD+TXP format. The accompanying addenda record(s) must be in the standard CCD+TXP format to ensure payments are processed correctly. Contact your financial institution or software provider to determine what information they require to format and submit payments. The ACH Credit Instructions list all of the records and necessary information to submit an ACH transaction through a financial institution or software package in the required format. Prior approval or authorization of an ACH credit payment is not required as long as the following conditions are met;

  • Taxpayer is registered with the state for the type of tax that is being transmitted and has been issued an account ID.  
  • Tax payment is transmitted in the format required by Arkansas. 
  • Tax payment is transmitted with the correct tax type code for the specific type of tax being paid. 

Payments received with any of the following conditions: Invalid Arkansas account ID Number, Invalid Federal ID Number, non-registered or applied for accounts, closed accounts, or other conditions may result in those payments being returned to the sending entity.

*Note to Tax Service Providers: Businesses must be registered with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration and issued and account ID before initiating an ACH credit payment of tax. New businesses may be registered online at www.atap.arkansas.gov or submit form AR-1R, Arkansas Combined Business Registration Form.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning EFT 
If I pay electronically, can I file my return electronically?
ATAP offers taxpayers the ability to file a return on-line as well as file a return using XML return upload. 
Can anyone file/pay electronically? 
Any taxpayer with a valid Arkansas account ID can file and/or pay electronically. 
Do I have to complete an authorization agreement before I pay by ACH credit?
NO, an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (EFT-1) is not required with the ACH credit payment method.

Can I wire a payment? 
The state does not accept a "Fed Wire" as a valid EFT payment and such payments may be subject to the "Failure to EFT" penalty. 
What if I have a filter or debit block on my bank account? 
Businesses with bank account(s) that have a filter or a debit block must provide their bank with the following originator ID:  

  • For ATAP Users, the originator ID is 1742843318  


EFT Contacts Mailing Address:
Phone: 501-682-7105 EFT Unit
Fax : 501-682-7904 P.O. Box 3566
Email: EFT.Refunds@dfa.arkansas.gov Little Rock, AR 72203-3566
Title Posted
ACH Credit Instructions 10/26/2018